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Definition of Signal

 English term that translates into Spanish as “Señal”. In other words, it refers to any gesture, sound, or indication that serves to inform about something or someone.

signal or signal is a polysemic connotation that generally implies a symbol or mark that distinguishes something.


A widely used meaning is related to the world of technologies and communications. In this context it means variation of electric current to send information.


  1. Sign
  2. Brand
  3. Symbol


The word signal comes from the medieval Latin signalewhich means mark, sign or symbol. From this perspective, it is totally equivalent to the Spanish term “signal” because of its origin and also because of the meanings it has.

According to the Cambridge dictionary, the word signal means an “action, sound or movement that communicates information, warning or command”.


Under the name of Signal, an instant messaging and calling application developed by Signal Messenger and Signal Foundation in 2015 is identified.

The Signal app (formerly TextSecure ) is a direct messaging and phone calling alternative that focuses on user security and privacy.

The downloads of the application increased considerably at the beginning of 2021. This is due to the policy changes warned by the similar application WhatsApp regarding the use of users’ personal information.