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Definition of Rebuleo

Rebuleo is used in the urban slang of the reggaeton genre, to refer to a fight, a problem or an argument, or also to the uproar of people when many people get together in activity and attitude.


  1. Fighting
  2. Discord
  3. Problem
  4. Discussion


The word rebuleo comes from the rural term “rebulear”, which is used in Puerto Rico to designate oxen when they are angry and violent.

It is also used to refer to a person when he/she is upset and shouts offensive words to another, it is related to fighting with punches.

Everything in this context is perfect for its inclusion in the urban vocabulary of reggaeton exponents who have even named songs with this word.

It should be remembered that although it is currently an international genre, it was born and produced in Puerto Rico, an island with a peculiar and very characteristic language (even very rich) to which were added words from the youth speech of other Hispanic countries.

The worldwide diffusion of the reggaeton genre, with its corresponding American vocabulary, has resulted in a problem of understanding among listeners.

But that is precisely the point, you have to decipher these phrases, terms and meanings, and only those who understand the street language or slang are able to understand the lyrics of all these songs.


The artist Farruko among others has named one of his most famous songs “Rebuleo”.

A rebuleo person is said to be a problematic individual: “ese muchacho es rebulero”.