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¿Qué sopa?

Definition of ¿Qué sopa?

“Qué sopa” in general is an expression used as a greeting, it’s like saying “what happened?”, but reversing the syllables.
It can also refer to saying “What’s going on? as a greeting.


  1. Hello, how are you?
  2. What’s up
  3. What’s new?

ORIGIN OF ¿Qué sopa?

Qué pasó al revés or inverted qué sopa, is currently used very frequently within the colloquy of the young and not so young.

But perhaps nobody remembers that in Venezuela “¿Qué es lo que está pa’ sopa?” was a phrase that referred to a greeting and that was very popular thanks to a quirky Venezuelan TV character named “Eudomar Santos” that was part of the Venezuelan soap opera “Por Estas Calles” written by Leonardo Padrón and that marked a before and after.

Regardless of this, the phrase is used throughout Latin America, it is embedded in the collective unconscious, it is very catchy and popular, in fact it is an expression used by people of all ages.


In reggueton a song ¡Qué sopa! was recorded in 2006 by Latin Fresh from Panama. As part of its lyrics, the group goes through the different synonyms of the expression.