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Definition of Cuero

It is the hide or skin that covers the meat of animals throughout the body.

Animal skin that is treated for industrial reasons and is used in the manufacture of many elements for clothing, upholstery and others. An example would be: I do not buy shoes that are not cuero (leather).

Element used to store and transport liquids that is also known as a wineskin. That is, a container made of leather. 

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It is said of a woman who is characterized by looking very old and with an unpleasant appearance. For example: What are you doing going out with that cuero? Well, after all, the ugly are looking for each other.

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Sexual worker or woman who has sex with different men for money or pleasure. 


It is said of the woman who plays the role of a man’s lover, that is, that she maintains a sentimental relationship with him despite the fact that she is married or has a public partner. 


Woman who is very attractive and easily arouses the admiration of men. 


It is used to imply the virginity of the woman, in this sense an example would be: I will keep my cuero until marriage.

In other contexts, something is said to be new or has not had any use.


It is a percussion musical instrument that is made with wood and cattle leather, especially bovine. In other places it is called a conga.


Absence of shame or shame.


It is said of the feeling of fear before something, that is, it is the action of feeling fear.


The word Cuero comes from the Latin coriumand originally designates the skin or hide of animals. From there, the polysemy of the word is very extensive, however, all meanings share this same origin.

Depending on the context, it can be interpreted as a reference to a woman, an element, a material, a sensation and many others. Each of these meanings responds to particular cultural characteristics that have been transmitted culturally.


The phrase “estar en cueros” is a colloquialism that is used to refer to nudity, it is used in almost all Spanish-speaking territories.

The cuero cabelludo (scalp) is called the part where the hair grows in human beings.

In different contexts the colloquial phrase “cuero de gallina” is used to refer to the skin reaction in which the pores are raised by cold, fear or another sensation related to the nervous system.