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Twisted Tea Meme

Definition of Twisted Tea Meme

It refers to a series of publications that feature a can of “Twisted Tea”. For its part, Twisted Tea is a tea, lemonade and alcohol drink that is distributed mainly in Ohio, United States.

In Spanish Twisted Tea Meme literally means Twisted Tea Meme” and would not have a clear application among Spanish speakers.


In social networks the phrase Twisted Tea Meme is very popular due to an incident that occurred in a supermarket in Cleveland, Ohio. The business in which the event occurred is called Circle K and is part of a network of stores created by Fred Hervey and which has a presence in several states of the USA.

The Twisted Tea Meme began with the viralization of a video in which two men are arguing in the Circle K. The mass reproduction of the video occurred on December 24, 2020.

The customers involved in the Twisted Tea Meme incident were a pair of adults and one was white and the other black. The white customer with offensive words asks the other “are you going to hit me with that?”, Pointing to a can of Twisted Tea, repeatedly and in the end he receives what he asked for.


After the event that gave rise to the Twisted Tea Meme, the users of the networks adopted the image of the product as a synonym for effective self-defense. For this reason you can see a can of Twisted Tea Meme protecting sums of money, being part of Thor’s hammer, among others.