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Definition of Flexy

The word Flexy is a popular self-referential expression that indicates a state of mind associated with feeling comfortable and self-confident.

The origin of the expression is Central American , and after having reached popular, it spread to the south.

The expression flexy is linked to ostentation, an image that one seeks to give towards others, seeking not only their acceptance, but also to place oneself above others based on what one has. It is understood that whoever uses this expression seeks to generate envy.

Used massively within the musical genre called Trap among its most popular artists. In social networks, it is common to read posts using this term.

The term flexy is for individual use, oral or written, and its use is intended to communicate a feeling.

The intention of using the expression Flexy, is to avoid oral attacks by other people.

Usage examples

  • “I feel flexy for the show this afternoon.”
  • “I’m very flexy with this shirt.”
  • “I have everything I want, my money is enough for everything and I feel flexy.”

Within the so-called “millennial” citizenship, personal well-being is a cause for envy, so the use of the expression Flexy is considered a dispute or confrontation.

One of the first appearances within the Trap, occurred in 2015 when the artist Pimp Flaco, released his song “Voy Flexy Boys”, whose lyrics contain the following verses:

“They want to fuck me because I’m going to flexy bastard
Because I’m going to flexy bastard
Because I’m going to flexy bastard”