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Definition of qlia

The term ” qlia ” is used in textual communication as an abbreviation of the word culeada . It is very common in different countries of Latin America, however, it is used more frequently in Argentina and Chile .

For its part, the word culeada , culiada or culiá , is used to indicate a woman who has already lost her virginity .

Furthermore, it can be used to define the act of having sex .

“Laura, why don’t we go give each other a fuck?”

Uses of the word qlia

This abbreviation is very accompanied in expressions of surprise, greeting, anger, or good humor.

  • “Wow that qlia!” (Surprised)
  • “Eh qlia!”  (Greeting)
  • “Why did you do that? Que qlia! ”  (By way of anger)
  • ” Hahahaha, what happened to you!”  (By way of mockery)

Qlia in Chile

In Chile, this word is used as a synonym for bad or despicable . Its use is derogatory and for any subject. For example:

  • “That tv qlia not want to work!”

In many cases, the prefix ” re ” is added to intensify its connotation. For example.

  • “That man doesn’t score a goal, fucking reqliao !”

In the same way, it also adapts to situations where we want to highlight the quality of something. Both positive and negative.

  • “The chicken they sell in that place is super qliao , I recommend it.”

Old qlia and Google

There is a very particular search that is related to this word . If we type in the Google search engine the expressions ” old qlia “, ” old qla ” or any other similar variant, we quickly see the name of a well-known woman.

Some point towards the powerful search engine, however, this character has already been involved in a campaign of memes by Internet users, which has made the Google spiders position it in some way. In this case, with the word qlia.