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Definition of Rave

Rave is the name given to a clandestine party that is generally illegal. In some cases, both the site and the event may have authorization from owners and legal authorities.

The term rave is used mainly in Europe, including Spain and its origin is Anglo-Saxon. In London it was used since the 70s to refer to “wild bohemian parties” , later, the term was gaining popularity in other countries outside of England.

Characteristics of a Rave

A rave can be held both in an urban setting, as well as in a rural area. Usually, due to their secrecy, raves are held in places that are difficult to access or that are not easy to find. This is done in order to avoid inconvenience and flee from the authorities.

The music used at a rave is electronic music. Rhythms such as techno, trance, house, among others, are the ones that are heard and danced at this type of party. However, depending on the audience, genres such as reggae and punk can be used as well.

People who attend a rave are generally young people in their 20s and 30s. In addition, all attendees must bring what they want to consume at the rave, be it food or drink.

At raves, admission is not charged and everything is carried out in the most peaceful way possible. For example, in the event of a conflict, it is sought that it is not necessary to call the authorities, they also all clean and leave the place impeccable when finished.