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Valga La Redundancia

Definition of Valga La Redundancia

Phrase that is used to correct excesses of words in a sentence. It can usually be after the words that you want to correct or redound with the aim of remedying an unintentional error. For example: The local group won the contest. The locals, valga la redundancia, stood out by a lot.

Due to careless use it is used to justify intentional errors, in this case, its use is prior to the word redundant. Following the same example would be: The local group won the contest, valga la redundancia, local highlighted by much.


The phrase “valga la redundancia” takes as its main meaning the Latin term redundantia. The latter describes something that is abundant or excessive, thus repeating the same idea. It is used in the sense of validating a repetition in the expressed language.

This phrase has been widely used since many years. There are records of it from previous centuries, however, its use as an intentional error is a little more current.


Some people go so far as to express a variant of the phrase “valga la redundancia” as “valga la rebundancia“, the last of these does not exist and is an error, since the word “rebundancia” is not part of the language.