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Definition of Romo

Surely you heard a Dominican say ” Let’s drink Romo “, right? even so, you have doubts about what the word romo means in the Dominican Republic. Don’t worry because well here at, we will explain the meaning of romo.

In the Dominican Republic the word romo is used to refer to rum or alcohol colloquially, specifically when it comes to the Brugal brand. For this reason, you hear someone saying that they are going to drink romo, you can be sure that they are drinking rum.

However, the real meaning of romo means that it has no edge or that it is flat. This word is often used to classify clumsy or rough people.


we will show an example with each meaning so that you have an idea of ​​how to use this word:

  • Today in the company we are all going to drink romo.
  • Your friend the Argentine has a very romo nose (that is, not very fine or without a tip).