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Definition of Forra

Grammatically forra is the third person in the conjugation of the verb torar. to cover is a transitive verb which means to cover something to protect or conserve it.

Colloquially forra is often used in aspects of money, for example, when someone gets rich. Example:

  • In that night job one prayed for money.

In Argentina forra is an unintelligent person, it can also be used to describe the treatment of certain people to others, such as with disdain, contempt or a person who does not inspire confidence, example:

  • Malena is an forra, she spoke ill of Maria behind her back.

Other contexts that the word forra can have are:

  • Person who is easily manipulated.
  • Selfish person, or who acts with bad intentions.
  • Sarcastic person.

Synonyms of Forra

  • Bootlicker
  • Boludo
  • Cover
  • Bad
  • Killjoy

In Chile forra is used to refer to the physical appearance of a woman.


Forra in Portuguese translated into Spanish is to cover, synonym of torar, verb from which the word forra in Spanish derives.

It should be noted that in grammar we are going to find that Forra is a feminine noun, which has its masculine counterpart that is lining and this will have very different concepts in different Spanish-speaking countries.