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Definition of Fumeteo

Fumeteo is a term that is part of the vulgar language among groups of Spanish-speaking youth. It comes from the action of “smoking” , which is to inhale and release the smoke that is produced by the combustion of some substance in the form of a cigarette. Mostly, the singular suffix -eo indicates action or effect of.

Smoking on drugs

Along these lines, smoking refers to the action or effect of smoking drugs, specifically cannabis sativa, both in the form of marijuana or hashish. Marijuana would be the dry part of the plant (the flowers), and hashish is a paste of resin or sap made with it.

In the following lines, we leave you a couple of sentences using smoking :

  1. I need my smoking company, but he sure went smoking without me.
  2. Today is Friday of smoking and perreo.

Smoking can have many negative effects on physical and emotional health . In the short term, it produces anxiety, distortion of perception, or cognitive problems. In the long term, it produces dependency, sexual impotence, behavioral disorders or respiratory problems.

The smoking in the popular theme of El Fecho RD X You R Teteo Remix probably refers to this meaning of the word, since the title and lyrics refer precisely to drugs. See the meaning of Teteo and Molineo.

Smoking as a metaphor

The word smoking also means to be delirious or to say nonsense . This starts from the main original meaning, which is “smoking drugs.” In that sense, the metaphor would be that saying nonsensical things is like “being drugged”, even though it does not necessarily enter this state.

For example, this meaning of smoking is used when someone from your group of friends comes, and says something that has nothing to do with what they are talking about. In this case, you can say “what nonsense you say, hey stop smoking.”