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Definition of Pueto

You’re probably wondering what Pueto means , where it came from and what its history is. Don’t worry, at we have the answers to all the questions you have about this ingenious word.

The origins of the expression “pueto” may come from various sources. One of them could be the word ” Port ” or ” Post “, Port is called the place on a certain coast where ships rest and carry out loading and unloading operations. On the other hand, Pueto is a word originating from Castile Spain in XV century, it has different definitions depending on how it is used and one of them interests us in particular.

This definition is what defines the word “position” as, (“action of being determined, determined or committed to something specific”)

Pueto meaning in Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, the word puesto has been transformed; eliminating the letter “S” and finally becoming “Pueto”, thus forming various colloquial expressions such as the widely used “Pueto pa to” or “Puesto para”.

These colloquial expressions have had great relevance within the artistic world of Dominican urban music, starring in the title of various songs, being in most cases a synonym for “Be in search of money”.

One of the most outstanding appearances of this word is in the Dominican film “Pueto pa mi” of the year 2015.

The Dominican phrase “Pueto pa” refers to the determination to achieve something specific with diligence.

Below we cite several examples of the use of the term “pueto pa”.

  • Pueto pa ‘lo mio –  Determined to achieve my well-being.
  • I am pueto pa ‘mi tipa –  Determined to conquer a lady.
  • Pueto pa ‘esta –   Concentrated on something.