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Definition of Pucutu

You may be wondering what Pucutu means , this funny and strange term that leaves us in doubt about its true meaning. Next will tell you the true meaning of Pucutu.

The name “Pucutu” is originally from Cuzco in the Peru nation, being a word born from the indigenous languages ​​of that Peruvian region. Currently there is a town called “Pucutu” located in the mountainous region of Cuzco.

Pucutu meaning in Dominican Republic

At the end of 2019 the word Pucutu gained popularity thanks to a musical theme that bears its name. In this title, the term “Pucutu” is an imitation of the sound that causes an action. The Spanish language defines this “imitation” with the name of “Onomatopoeia”.

Returning to the central point “Pucutu” could be defined as “the vocal imitation of the sound caused by the attacks or blows from one person to another”. Taking into account the aforementioned, we can use this word in a large number of variants and diverse meanings.

It should be noted that the words “Pucutu”, “Pacata”, “Pequete”, “Piquiti” mean exactly the same thing, only varying in their main vowels.

Here are several examples of the use of the word “Pucutu” in the Dominican dialect.

“We were fighting and I gave him a blow that nothing else sounded Pucutu!” . –

“I grabbed that girl, we went to a hotel and that was Pucutu and Pacata.” – In this second example the term is used as an allusion to the attacks made during the sexual act.