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Definition of Loquera

The term loquera is one that is part of the Dominican Republic dialect and is used as a word with a certain degree of humor. Next, we will show you what is the meaning of Loquera in the Dominican Republic and what is its origin.

The origin of Loquera comes from the term “Crazy” which means “Person who has mental problems or behaves out of the ordinary.”

In this way, we could say that the person owns it is that person with mental disorders, or that performed by a crazy person.

That is, an loquera can be a random action which is usually classified as “out of place” or crazy.

Another possible interpretation of this word is when it is used only to describe something strange and outside the compression of the person who says it.


  • “Juan has made a great loquera” – Juan committed something very rude.
  • ” There you come with your loqueras ” – There you come with your nonsense.
  • ” Amelia leaves your loquera better ” – Amelia stops behaving like a mentally ill person.

As additional information, in Spain a person whose job is to treat people with mental illness is called Loquera.

In this case, a psychiatrist, the staff of a mental sanatorium or in some cases the psychologist can be called a loquero or loquera.

Loquera in urban music

Now, in the world of urban music this word has echoed thanks to the song of ” Kiko the Crazy “, ” Leave your Loquera ” in collaboration with Crazy Desing .

“Leave your loquera and move it from there because we walk ‘trout and the lamp’ is here.”

Kiko the Crazy & Crazy Desing