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Definition of Coñazo

A foul word to refer to a strong blow. For example, what you want is me to give you a pain in the ass.

Insult that is expressed to a person who is too annoying or unbearable. Verbigracia: Enrique is a pain in the ass.


Augmentative and rude way of referring to the intimate part of the woman.


Coñazo comes from the union of “pussy” and the suffix “azo” which works as an augmentative. For its part, “pussy” comes from the Latin cunnus which possibly means stingy. With the passage of time, the word “pussy” came to be referred to as a foul name for v # gina.

There are other versions of the origin of the term coñazo. However, they appear in places away from the greater use of the term, namely, in Spain. In most of the time, the word is taken as an insult, which is why its use is not recommended.


“Coño Coñazo” is a popular song in Panama that was part of a television series called Doble Vida.

In Chile, Spanish citizens are referred to in a derogatory way as “cunts”. In this context, although there is no proof of it, a pain in the ass would be a very large Spanish citizen.