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Definition of Popi

dominican republic

Person of medium or high stratum who is characterized by his attractiveness. This meaning is used especially in the Dominican Republic.

Woman or man who are attractive because of their physique.


Synonym of clown. In this case, it refers to a character that existed since 1973 in the Latin American country.

toy store

This soft toy is very popular with children and represents a gray jumpsuit dressed in a red and white striped jumpsuit.


Fictional character from the animated series called “Trolls”. She is literally known as Poppy Troll and she is a pink figure that is important in the series.


Educational game or interactive resource for learning spelling. It is based on an environment similar to that of the game “Parchis”.


  1. Wealthy
  2. High Society
  3. Accommodated
  4. Pudiente
  5. Opulent


  1. Wawawa
  2. Low stratum
  3. Street map
  4. Poor
  5. Neighborhood


dominican republic

Popi is a term that originated in the urban environment to describe affluent people who have refined tastes. However, the term of origin is unknown. The country in which that word is used the most, in that sense, is in the Dominican Republic. However, thanks to the rise of urban music, it has become a more global term.


In the case of the Venezuelan meaning, this word originates between the 70s and 80s on the television of that country, when a unique clown who starred in the program called “the popy show” became known. very popular with the audience for many years.

Due to the popularity of the television program, the term popy equaled “clown.” Since then in Venezuela the word popy or popi is that person who is always a comedian, “playing the clown”, in a frankly complicated situation.


In some places, although less frequent, popi is associated with “irrational anger“, where someone becomes sensitive; bothering about something you shouldn’t.

Popi is a song by the Dominican Kiko el Crazy and it was released in 2020. Also, in that same year the remix version was made with El Alfa and Farruko.