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Definition of Bellaquita


Diminutive (fem.). Point out a bad and cunning person.

urban language

Person who has a provocative behavior and suggests sexual desire. It is most often used to highlight this behavior in females.

puerto rican slang

Term used to describe a person with a burning desire to have sex.

It is also used to say that something is in good condition or is of good quality. Example: “That job looked good on you, knave.”


  1. Bad
  2. Mean
  3. Villain
  4. Perverse


  1. Okay
  2. Healthy
  3. Harmless
  4. Nice


The origin of the word “bellaquita” comes from the colloquial word “bellaco”, which presumably originates from the Latin ” bellum” which means battle or warlike.

Additionally, the suffix “aco” is added, used in derogatory words such as bicharraco, monicaco and pajarraco.

Another possible origin of the word bellaco or bellaquita is related to the Latin “ bellax”, which is a compound of “pellax” and means deceiver.


Arroyo bellaco” is a town in Uruguay belonging to the department of Río Negro. Its name is motivated by a stream near the place.

In 2019, a song titled “Bellaquita” was released, performed by Dalex and Lenny Tavárez. A remix of the single was later released, featuring Anitta, Natti Natasha, Farruko and Justin Quiles.

In Chile the word bellaquita is synonymous with a promiscuous woman, but in Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and Venezuela; bellaquita is a courageous woman with character.

The Dominican Republic is a stubborn person who does not take advice.

For Peruvians, a bellaquita is a silly, simple and silly girl.