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Definition of Mamarre

It is identified as a word of invitation to start a party, in other words, it has been coined as the cry to start the crazy hour, it is like saying: Come on everyone, it’s time to dance.


Suckle. Action and effect of moving the body to the rhythm of the music, it is used especially for the characteristic dance of urban genres known as “perreo”.


  1. Dance
  2. Perrear


Mamarre is a term of little use in the Spanish language, it did not even have a real meaning before the appearance of the song “Rebota”. From this perspective, it is from the birth of the subject that the meaning is given to the term as a synonym for “invitation to perreo”.

Jan Carlos Santiago argues that he took the term from a Jamaican film, however, he does not have the exact reference to it. For this reason, mamarre is a term that comes from the urban genre to designate the dance known as perreo.


The 2019 song “Rebota” by the Puerto Rican artist “Guaynaa” is unofficially known as “mamarre”. This song has been the artist’s leap to fame.

In the social network Twitter, a large thread was formed with the request to the RAE that the term “mamarre” be included in the official dictionary of the Spanish language. This topic was initiated by the artist “Guaynaa”, however, the response of the Academy has not been in favor of it.

Jan Carlos Santiago, better known as “Guaynaa”, confesses that the song “Rebota” was a song he wrote in 20 minutes to refer to Puerto Rican women.