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Definition of Piltrafa

Noun used to refer to very skinny meat  that is made up of nerves or skin. 

In an extensive way, the plural of piltrafa is used to  designate the waste of something. This type of signification is used mainly for food scraps. For examplePedro, throw away the piltrafa left on the plates.


It is used to refer to people. One of these uses is, namely, to designate a very skinny person or that their physical build is very thin or “little meat”. Example : You must eat more if you want to stop being a piltrafa.


Piltrafa or piltraca are used to refer to  a woman who is despicable  for different reasons, especially moral ones.


The use of the word piltrafa in Spanish is of uncertain origin. The term piltrafa  can be used interchangeably with the word piltraca . Both its use and meaning are the same and the two words are fully accepted by the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language.

Piltrafa has a pejorative use  to imply the triviality of certain actions or conditions of a person . Thus, the designation of the term can point to physical, moral or other aspects; for example, “Diego, I don’t want to see you again with that wretched friend you have” or “from that moment Jorge was a complete wreck”.


In some Latin American contexts, the use of piltrafa can be found making a hyphenation. This is to refer to an  Argentine artist named Enrique Héctor Chalar.

Pil Trafa is a singer and songwriter with extensive experience in punk and similar rhythms. He has been active in this sector from the eighties to the present.