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Definition of Muladar

According to the REA , Muladar is a place where manure or garbage is thrown from houses. This term can often be used to refer to something dirty or corrupted, for example;

  • The patio is made of a muladar . – The patio is very dirty.

Origin of Muladar

The word Muladar has its origin in the word muradar which suffered a metathesis between the r and the l.

A muradal was a place near an external wall of the house or a wall of a town where waste was usually thrown. 

It derives from the Latin murus which means wall or wall.

Synonyms of Muladar

  • Dung
  • Dump
  • Sink

A very common synonym in farms and Latin countries is pigsty , this is the place where pigs are raised and is characterized by always being dirty and full of mud.  

Curious fact…

This word appears in the Bible, in Psalm 113: 7

He raises the poor out of the dust, and the needy uproar from the muladar.

Psalm 113: 7

This word appears in a poem by Ramón María del Valle-Inclán called Rosa de Job.

Who saw the battlement rolled over the ground, and the muladar raised so high!

Ramón María del Valle-Inclán