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Definition of Distrave

Distrave, is not a word recognized by the RAE, however, it is used colloquially in Colombia to describe a person who makes a fool of himself.


“Did you see the video that Julio uploaded singing?”

“Yeah, it makes it lousy. Hahaha that was distracting ”.   

In addition, it could also be used as a synonym for relaxation or play .

“Julia, what happened between you and Ángel? Are they finished? “

“Yes, that man had me as a pure distraction.”

The term appears very often on the island of Cuba to indicate some jovial or comic event .

“Hahaha, what a distraction, let’s fuck with you, they are very entertaining.”

This word is often formulated or written as ” distract.” However, they give it the same meaning and validity.

In addition, it should not be confused with the word ” unlock” , which refers to removing an obstacle or obstacles ; release something or someone.

Distraves SA is a Colombian company dedicated to the production and sales of chicken proteins and derivatives.