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Microsoft Word

Definition of Microsoft Word

It is the best known word processor in the world. It belongs to Microsoft and is the most important program among the different tools offered through its package called “Microsoft Office”.

Literally Microsoft Word would translate into Spanish “word program for small computers“. This is so, by the meaning of the English words software, microcomputer and word.


Worldwide Microsoft Word is known for being the word processing program of the American company Microsoft. He has been part of the company since 1987 with the second version of the Windows operating system. In this release it was only accompanied by the table program called Microsoft Excel.

The beginning of Microsoft’s word processor responds to the need to compete with the Claris program that belonged to Apple in the 80s. With the recurring Windows updates, Microsoft Word was transforming itself and providing its users with more tools and a friendlier interface.


The first version of Microsoft Word was created by Americans Charles Simony and Richrad Brodie. This program was first released in 1983.

According to statistics for the year 2021, at least one in seven people in the world uses Microsoft Word and the other tools in the Office suite. In other words, the figure exceeds one thousand two hundred million people.