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Definition of Brazil305

This term does not have a meaning by itself. It is a word that is not recognized within the Royal Spanish Academy and it is not a word that is used in everyday life.

Brazil305 is a conjunction of two terms, on the one hand Brazil that refers to the South American Country and on the other hand the code 305 which is the Postal Code of Miami in the United States.

Brazil305 New Record Album

Actually, this is the name that Gloria Estefan, a well-known Cuban singer-songwriter based in the United States, put on her latest album.

With a professional career of 40 years and after 7 years without releasing any album Brazil305 quickly became a success due to her first single “When there is love”, written by her husband Emilio Estefan.

Meaning of Brazil305 for Gloria Estefan

In addition to being an album recorded in Sao Pablo, Brazil and Miami, United States, the singer-songwriter wanted to merge various musical styles into this album, showing once again her Latin roots.

In this way the title of his latest album is a link or bridge between Latin America and North America.

Likewise, this album speaks a little about the personal life of Gloria Estefan, since as a young man she had to leave her beloved Cuba and go into exile in the United States without being able to return to her native country.

Samba de Roda

Among the songs that we will find on the Gloria Estefan album, Samba de Roda melodies fused with typical South American rhythms stand out.

Samba de Roda is a traditional Afro-Brazilian dance that has its origins in Candomblé religious ceremonies (a religion widely practiced in Brazil and Colombia similar to Umbanda)

For this reason, many of the songs have a mixture of typical South American rhythms where timpani and percussion instruments prevail.