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Definition of Despotricar

Action of getting off a horse abruptly.

It is said of the action of speaking without any considerations , even talking too much. It is characterized by the use of insults and expletives before others. For example: He left angrily despotricando against all of us.


Action to defame, sully or speak terrible things about a specific person with the intention of damaging their public image or moral integrity. An example would be: Ramona and Juana were despotricando Ricardo


The word despotricar comes from the union of the prefix “des” which means “remove” or “deny” and “potricar” which is defined as the action of jumping from a foal. Therefore, it refers to the action of a horse or foal jumping and discarding its rider.


Among young people and especially in social networks, the act of despotricar is very common. This is due to various personal interests or motives that lead to defame and insult other people.