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Definition of Gateando

“Gateando” comes from the word “wateando” and corresponds to the intransitive verb that defines the action of moving with the hands and knees on the ground . In particular, it is a very typical action of babies when they begin to make their first displacement movements.

Definition of the word “gateando” in English

This word is translated into English as ” catching ” and refers to an adjective used to indicate something that tends to be spread or transmitted from one person to another . Be it a disease or any kind of mood.

Origin of the Word Gateando

The word consists of ” cat ” together with the suffix ” ear ” and refers to the action of climbing or climbing using 4 limbs . This word is closely related to the quadruped mammal known as “cat”, therefore, the verb crawl is the same as “crawl”.

Meaning of the word crawl in Argentina

In Argentina, the word “crawl” is also synonymous with ” stealing ” at night, or, in the same way, ” committing infidelities ” stealthily.

Likewise, it refers to a person who engages in prostitution .

What does the expression “crawl” mean

The related term “gateando” has several connotations in South American countries, some of them are:

  • Place the girl in a specific position for the sexual act.
  • Approaching the girl at night to commit an act of infidelity.
  • Watch a person.

Importance of gateando in babies

This activity in babies accelerates the development of cognitive aspects by connecting both hemispheres of the brain.

It is vital to carry out the movements of the body in a balanced way. In addition, it helps to strengthen the muscles that lead in the future to keep the spine straight for standing.