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Definition of Pakitin

Pakitin is a somewhat famous word in the Dominican Republic and is strongly linked to the world of urban music. Below we will show you what Pakitin means and what its origins are.

The Origin of Pakitin comes from the artistic name of the singer Reissner Francisco Ozuna which is known as ” Pakitin “.

Analyzing its etymology the name Pakitin can be a diminutive used for the name “Paquito”.

Paquito in turn works as a diminutive of the name Paco, and this in turn is a Hypocoristic of the name Francisco.

hypocoristic is an abbreviated or deformed way of mentioning a proper name.

Another perspective another meaning of Pakitin can be “Dance associated with the song Dale, Pakitin”.

This dance was very popular in the Dominican Republic, with great acceptance by the public of the aforementioned country.

This dance has light and hilarious movements that can cause grace and seem fun for more than one.

Thanks to this dance, the song “ dale pakitin ” had great success and made the pakitin exponent one of the most sought after during 2019.

Now you know what Pakitin means in Spanish