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Definition of Outfit

Outfit is an English word that in Spanish means: ‘vestimenta‘, ‘ropa‘, ‘ensemble‘ or ‘atuendo‘.

Outfit is a noun used to refer to the set of clothing and accessories of a certain person for a certain time of year.

The extranjerismo Outfit began to be used in the fashion world to give a “touch” special speech, although the term clothing, clothing or whole, is already established in the Spanish language.

Social networks popularized the word Outfit as the way to comment on the attire of celebrities or influencers. Intervening in the vocabulary of Spanish speakers by adopting this word and not its equivalent meaning in Spanish.

Outfit also has other meanings, such as to refer to a teamgroup or organization

Outfit in the world of fashion           

This term is used in the world of fashion to refer to everything that complements a person’s clothing (accessories, garments, style, etc.) according to the occasion, time and place. Outfit , in this sense, covers both men’s and women’s clothing.

Likewise, it works as a reference when it comes to dressing. Searching for Outfits on the Internet, blog or social networks as a guide that goes according to the site and event has become “a necessity” to hit the occasion and not be out of context.