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Definition of GAB

Gab is an English word that expresses “talking excessively”, but specifically about trivial topics or gossip, it is also applied to refer to someone who is rambling in his speech.

Gab is a verb, but it can also be a noun. In German it is the past tense of the verb Geber (Dar) so it means “ gave ”.  

GAB social network

In August 2016, the GAB social network was founded in the United States of America by Andrew Torba and Ekrem Buyukkaya. The premise of this platform is “to champion free speech”, so since its launch it has been attracting users who have been expelled from other social networks.   

In October 2018, GAB was involved in a controversy. It turns out that the material author of a shooting perpetrated in a synagogue located in Pittsburh, was an active user of said social network.

This led to Gab’s veto although it was for a short time. The board expressed its displeasure by declaring that no social network is free from extremists who commit crimes.  

The number of registered users on Gab increased more than 120% in January 2021, at its highest peak of growth it received a figure of just over 10,000 new users per hour. What became a growth record in the history of the Gab platform.       

Curiosities of the word GAB

  • The acronym GAB is used to abbreviate the name of a country located on the west coast of central Africa, the Gabonese Republic, popularly known as Gabon.
  • In Iran specifically in Hormozgan province there is a small village known as Gab.
  • The acronym GAB in medicine stands for Basal Arterial Gasometry . This consists of an invasive respiratory monitoring test that allows acid-base balance to be determined using an arterial blood sample. Likewise, this analysis allows to know what is the level of acidity or alkalinity in the blood.