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Definition of Ded

It is the abbreviation of the English word daredevil which in Spanish is equal to the adjective “reckless”. From that perspective, it refers to someone who enjoys or is not afraid of performing dangerous actions.


This term describes recklessness and approaching different dangers without weighing the consequences.


Transliterated from Arabic ضد and transliterated as ded this word means in Spanish “against“. For this reason it is used to construct Arabic words such as “waterproof” or “against water” and “bulletproof” or “against bullets”.


Ded is the abbreviation of the English word daredevil which is composed of dare which is daring and devil which is translated as demon. From this perspective, it would literally be “dare of the devil” or something similar. However, applied semantics is reckless as a noun and adjective.

Daredevil is a word known worldwide from the Marvel comics of the same name. It is from them that the abbreviation ded is popularized to refer to the character in the comics known by the name of Matt Murdock.


Daredevil is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. From these, a successful Netflix series is born that bears the same name, launched in 2015 and has 3 seasons.

“Ded” or “elded” is the name used by Victor Paul Calderón, a Mexican who works as a youtuber, video game streamer and creator of entertainment content. It has 2 channels, namely DED and elded.