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Definition of NYCHHC MYCHART

Believe it or not, this word can save your life if you are living in New York amid the pandemic. At we will explain you in detail the meaning of nychhc mychart and its importance in this context.

To understand the meaning of nychhc mychart we must understand what NYC Hearth + Hospitals is. This same one becomes the official corporation of public hospitals and clinics in the city of New York. Its acronym is NYCHHC. It is a public benefit corporation.

Due to the global pandemic of Covid 19, the nychhc opened the well-known “nychhc mychart”, a platform to make the medical care of New Yorkers more efficient. This is a virtual platform (also downloadable as an application on the App Store and Google Play).

Nychhc mychart (services)

NYCHHC My Chart has the following services:

  1. Access to medical records 24 hours a day.
  2. See the medicines you need, request to fill them, and add or remove them from the list.
  3. View medical appointments: you have the option to schedule and cancel them.
  4. Medical Advice: You can request a referral or contact Customer Service.
  5. View Test Results – You can view your lab results, including COVID-19 test results.
  6. Account summary: you can see the transactions as well as make payments from the same platform.

To be able to use the nychhc mychart you need:

  1. Be a patient in one of the hospitals and clinics included in the NYC Hearth + Hospitals.
  2. Have an activation code. If you don’t have it yet, you should call 1-844-920-1227 and press 1 for help with MyChart. The team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  3. Complete the profile.
  4. Update insurance information.

For more information visit the official page of nychhc mychart:

Click here for more information visit the official website.

Click here with the registration instructions and details of the benefits.