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Definition of MMG

Literally, they are the initials of the word mamaguevo, which is a qualifying adjective used as an insult by Latin Americans, in particular, by the natives of the Dominican Republic and Venezuela.


Acronym that designates “microorganismos modificados genéticamente“. That is, those that are not the total product of natural processes, but have been genetically altered by humans.


MMG began to be used as an acronym for the word mamaguevo in social networks and chat applications. Normally, what is sought is to minimize expressions to the maximum and thus communicate more quickly between users.

The word mamaguevo is taken as an insult related to f # lation. However, in some areas such as the Dominican Republic, its connotation varies and is not always expressed in the same terms. However, in most cases it is used with the aim of offending.


MMG is an urban song by the artist Crazy Point. This topic has explicit and sexual content.

There is a YouTuber who makes content focused on sports in the United States who is identified by the letters MMG. His real name is Matthew Meagher.

The urban artist “Tali Goya” created a song in 2018 that combines the word and the abbreviation of this expression. Ultimately the musical theme is called Mmguevo.