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Definition of Chota

It is said of the person who betrays or tells what others have done. For example: you are a chota Why did you tell the teacher what we did?


Colloquial use to name a certain male part related to virility. Directly, the male virile member is referred to.

dominican republic

Thing or person that does not serve or that does not provide an adequate service or performance. For example, You are a chota, you do not put one.

puerto rico

Person who acts excessively lazy or cowardly. For example, Well man, get up, it’s too late.

Person who do not have the right skill for something. For example, You are a chota for basketball.


It refers to one who likes to make jokes constantly. An example of this would be: That chota never talks serious, but he really makes me laugh.


Place of confinement or privatization of liberty. For example, Poor Juan, they took him to the chota.


Part of the intestine of the lamb that is consumed roasted and is part of the barbecue of the South American country.


9. Person who enforces the law, that is, an official or police officer. For example, Come on, the chota is coming !


Colloquialism that denotes a state of madness, synonymous with “being crazy as a goat.”

Onomatopoeia that designates the action of sucking in mammals. Especially used for baby goats and cows.

By extension to the previous one, it is used to name calves or kids.

City and province located in the South American country of Peru.


  1. Joker
  2. Jail
  3. Lazy
  4. Little skillful
  5. Snitch


Chota comes from the word choto which is an onomatopoeia of the noise that mammals make when they suckle. However, due to the polysemic characteristic of this term, it is possible that some of its meanings come from another origin, but it is unknown.

Therefore, each of the semantics that apply to this word can respond to different regional dialects. Therefore, no clear origin can be identified for the word chota, other than the one mentioned in advance.


Chota is a word fully accepted by the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language, however, the accepted meanings are not all those presented above.

Chota is a Latin song by the artist Químico Ultra Mega.