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Definition of Diache

  1. It is used to express amazement at a fact, admiration or the like. For example: Diache, Josué, don’t tell me that Maria’s dog died.
  2. By extension, it is used to express disappointment or dissatisfaction with something, in this context: I got burned on the exam; Diache, my mother is going to scold me.


  1. Caramba
  2. Sparks
  3. Devils
  4. Shit
  5. Heck


Diache is a word that is used in countries like Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic and is a combination of devils and shit. In this sense, it is used to denote amazement at a situation or thing. In some cases, it is also used for anger or disappointment.

Exclamatory expressions like ¡diache! they are very common throughout the Spanish language. There are many words that are used as synonyms, for example, chispiajos, in Mexico, caramba, va and many more. Some of them are used in positive and negative senses simultaneously.

Although its origin is from an offensive word in the current sense, the meaning is more aimed at exclamation and anger.


  1. Daria Diache is a Ukrainian actress known for her roles on the series Still Broke. She began her acting career at a very young age in Ukraine.