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Definition of Mesky

Mesky is used to refer to a person who engages in risky and dangerous business ventures, going so far as to risk his life for them.

Mesky in English means messy.


  1. Someone involved in drug trafficking or dangerous business.
  2. Disorderly


When Daddy Yankee’s “Gasolina” arrived, the urban music genre was consecrated as a style that would mark the youth already immersed in the phenomenon of the urban tribes and also imposed its new rhythm in the society.

Mesky must have had its origin within this urban movement of informal lexicon, meaning a person who is involved in some shady business, such as selling drugs and who, naturally, risks his life for it.

One of the most striking features of this rhythm is the lyrics of its songs, which contain a language of their own, with a high explicit content and which have been derived from different terms, many of them invented and pronounced as corruptions of Anglo-Saxon words.

In general, most people attribute to these lyrics a sexual connotation, although it also has social and cultural motifs that go within the Caribbean street slang, so it is not surprising that mesky has been introduced into the lexicon of urbanisms used by reggaeton artists.

In relation to mesky and its meaning, many of these artists have flirted with crime and illegal or risky businesses, so it is inferred that the word has crept into the lyrics of the exponents of this genre.


Mesky M is the name of an exponent of this genre in Costa Rica.

Being urban music, several of the exponents come from street environments, their lyrics will also be loaded with a lot of “slang”, which seems to be the case of “mesky”.