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Definition of Nebuleo

Nebuleo is used to describe a suspicious situation; an intrigue, or something mysterious.

Also used to denote that someone is acting suspiciously; plotting something or appearing to be plotting


  1. Suspicion
  2. Conspiracy
  3. Plotting an intrigue
  4. Plotting
  5. Scheming


The expression refers to fog, but its definition and meaning depends on the country where it is used.
There are compilation sites of diverse Latin Americanisms and among them “nebula” appears as an expression used to imply that “they are bothering you” or that “there is a problem”.

The urban genre is street music and the exponents of this genre make use of the lexicon and language of the street, of the corners of their neighborhoods, therefore it is obvious that in their language they include words, terms and phrases such as “nebuleo” to express themselves.

But even most reggaeton artists come from an environment not contaminated by the streets and life in the neighborhoods. However, they will also make use of such words, as their identity is based on that.

When it comes to trap and reggaeton there are words that are always repeated and will be very common, as a code understood only by those who are familiar with that lifestyle and listen to that kind of music.

Despite how big Latin America can be and that according to the region the words are modified, it is undeniable that reggaeton has massified a large number of words, most of them Anglicisms.


In Puerto Rico to express that you have some problem is said for example: “¡deja tu nebula conmigo!”