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Mera Woo

Definition of Mera Woo

It means “Look at this” or “Look at you.” It is a colloquial expression native to Puerto Rico. For example: Mera woo this house is very big.

Literally “Look what or who” coming from a deformation of the verb look and the expression who which means “who or what”.


The definition of Mera woo comes from the union of two words. “Mere” which is derived from “look” and is used when attracting attention. Also, “woo” that comes from a Castilianization of the English Who, which translated into Spanish means “who” or “what”.

It is a colloquial expression that was born in Puerto Rico, a state where English and Spanish tend to be mixed in the vocabulary of its inhabitants. Along the same lines, it is very common to listen to it also to make a call for attention to a person when it is considered necessary.


On December 18, 2019, the Dominican rapper El Alfa “El Jefe” premiered in collaboration with Anuel AA and Lil Pump a song entitled “Mera Woo”, this theme is included in the album “El Androide”.

The song “Mera Woo” had, by the public, a remarkable acceptance, to the point that in a short time it exceeded 13 million views on YouTube.