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Definition of Conchale

Colloquial expression used to express a strong emotion of surprise or anger. For example: Cónchale! The lentils stayed on the stove.

dominican republic

Negative term used for something unforeseen. In that country, the term is used in almost most cases as a way of lamenting or complaining about something that went wrong. For example: Cónchale, Brother, what you did ! 


It is used as an exclamatory term, being used in moments of great surprise. For example: Cónchale, what a good surprise!


  1. Excellent!
  2. Caramba
  3. Devils
  4. Diache
  5. Ray


Cónchale comes from the term “concho” which refers to the word “c#ño“. Concho, meanwhile, comes from the Quechua Qonchu which means “feces”. It is from these words that the meaning is deformed and adapted to be expressed in moments of surprise or disgust.

In other cases, conchale has been associated as a degradation of the word “recórcholis”. However, it is not possible to make a clear relationship. Another theory about its origin says that the word comes from the Mexican term “chale”, which is also used as a complaint about a negative situation.


In some parts of the Dominican Republic, speakers tend to shorten the term “Cónchale” as “Concho”.