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Definition of Mazucamba

Natural rhythm that a person carries and is a popular characteristic of the people of the Caribbean. That is, the innate rhythm that people from coastal areas have especially.


 Famous dance that is performed in this area, it is also used in this sense in Puerto Rico.


A kind of music or son that is very catchy and encourages dancing.


State with predisposition to dance. In short, mazucamba is like a feeling of need to dance.


Possibly, the term originated in the country of Venezuela, since that is where the first uses are recorded. What is known is that the word became popular thanks to Oscar D’León’s song. This song is a Caribbean salsa that makes people want to dance.

More recently, some urban artists such as “El Alfa” have made use of that word. However, it seems that the sense is directed towards a self-recognition for their achievements.


In the world of professional music, several Latin artists have mentioned Mazucamba in their songs over the years, such as the following:

The Dominican singer El Alfa (the boss) in his musical theme Mera Woo, pronounces this word a great number of times.

The Venezuelan interpreter Oscar de Leon has a song with the name of “Mazucamba”.

The Cuban group Los Rivero also has a song with this title.

Tego calderón has a song called “El papa (la recipe de Mazucamba)”.

The word mazucamba can also be pronounced as “masucamba” in several countries of the Antilles.

Iroska León daughter of Oscar D’León is known in Venezuela as “La Mazucamba”.