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Definition of Juquear


For the academics of the language, Juquerar is an intransitive verb that is used in Bolivia to designate the action of “stealing mineral”.

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It is used especially in Puerto Rico to give a name to the action of getting high. Thus, to be juqueado or jukiao would be to be drugged.

By extension it is used to be strongly hooked or fond of something. In other words as a synonym for addiction of any kind.

Designates the act of convincing someone who uses drugs. That is, it is synonymous with injecting or consuming hallucinogens, but also with convincing someone to do so.

One of the synonyms for jukear is to cheat. That is, to get into a fight or a fight, therefore, to be playing is also to be involved in a fight.



  1. Steal ore
  2. Steal

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  1. Tetear
  2. Drug
  3. Hobby



Jucado in the sense of stealing mineral comes from the word “juco” which means “sour” or “fermented”. This word comes from the Nahuatl term xococ, which has the same meaning. From there, in Bolivia it is applied to the fact of stealing mineral as something “sour” for society.

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The origin of jucando is the Anglo-Saxon word hooked. This word means to be hooked, to be addicted or to be fond of something. For this reason, no use is not exclusive to the act of getting high.

To play also in these contexts is to be amazed by something and to have a deep liking as well. From these meanings, it can be understood as having a great devotion to something or someone. This can be applied to the very essence of things or simply to what it provokes in the subject.


Many are the songs of urban music that use the word juquero and its different conjugations. The meaning of this is still in the context of drugs and addiction. This addiction can also be applied to a woman for whom you have great devotion or attachment.