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Definition of Makinon

Makinon or maquinón is the colloquial augmentative that is assigned to any type of device that stands out among its peers. For example: I bought a blender and you can’t imagine what a makinon it is.

puerto rico

In this country it refers to a luxury car. In other words, an automobile machine that stands out for its characteristics and price. An example would be this Lamborghini if ​​it is a makinon


  1. Capsulon
  2. Luxurious vehicle


The word makinon comes from machine and this, in turn, from the Latin machina. These words designate an apparatus that is created to harness and direct some type of force. That is, mechanical, wind, electrical or other force. In other words, all kinds of devices that are activated by some kind of force.

Makinon or maquinon are born to increase the concept of machine. Thus, in different areas a machine is referred to as an exceptional machine. In the case of makinon, it is an incorrect way of expressing the term, but it is used in urban environments.


Makinon is one of the songs contained in the album KG0516 by Colombian artist Karol G. The song refers to luxury cars with this word and has the collaboration of Mariah Angeliq.

The video for the song Makinon caused a stir in the public. This was expressed on social networks and what had the greatest impact on the artist’s followers was the kiss that the two interpreters gave at the end of the film.