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Definition of Asf

An acronym from English that summarizes the words as f#ck. that is to say, in Spanish it means “como la mierda” or “como jodido”. For example: That song brings back many memories makes me feel asf.

In some contexts it is taken in a positive way to say that something is the best. An example would be: That’s the best song in the world asf.


Acronym for the “Auditoría Superior de la Federación” which is the highest inspection institution in Mexico. Among other things, it audits the use of the public account in the country and abroad.


Asf is an acronym that comes from the English words as f#ck that translate into Spanish “como la mierda” or similar. It is used in negative contexts as a reproach to an unfortunate situation or in a positive way as something that is very liked.


The “Auditoria Superior de la Federación” (ASF) was founded in 2000 and is in charge of overseeing the public account of Mexico. In other words, it is the maximum in charge of auditing the use of the public item internally and externally. All this, applying the different national and international regulations in force.


In 2021, one of the best known actions of the ASF was the decrease in cancellation costs for the Mexican sector due to the cancellation of the “New international airport in Mexico City”. This created a great controversy since the reduction was at least one third of what denotes corruption due to cost overruns.