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Definition of KG0516

Supposed flight code created by artist Karol G to name one of her record works. This code is made up of the artist’s initials and a date that refers to her first record deal, the one that got her off the ground.

Combination of alphanumerics that refer to “Karol G May 16”.


KG0516 is a code that was created by the Colombian singer Karol G. With him, he named his record work released in March 2021. The allusion to this sequence is of a flight with two meanings, namely, the beginning of the artist’s career and the desire to take her followers on a musical journey.

The letters of KG0516 correspond to the initials of the singer’s stage name. For their part, the numbers are part of the date on which the artist signed her first contract with a label, this was May 16, 2006. In other words, this code is a symbol of the journey that began on that date.


KG0516 is an album that is made up of 16 songs. Among them are Bichota, Tusa and El makinon.

Karo G affirms that this record work is the most important so far in the singer’s career. In addition, it has the greatest variety of rhythms with which the Colombian artist has worked.