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Definition of Machucho

Machucho is a colloquial adjective that is used to refer to a mature, elderly, or no longer young person. ç

Another meaning of this word can be to describe a wise, sensible and prudent person.

  • In Colombia, machucho means tight.

Synonyms of machucho

Some synonyms for machucho / a are old, old, advanced in age, calm, thoughtful, veteran.

Antonyms for machucho

Unreflective, young, immature, novice.

10 examples of sentences with the word machucho

  • 1. He seems young, but he’s already a macho man .
  • 2. He doesn’t know much about the subject, but you can ask her that she’s a macho .
  • 3. His mother was very macho, thoughtful and calm.
  • 5. He is a macho player , since he has been playing for a long time.
  • 6. He is a macho person , methodical, full of thoughts and knowledge.
  • 7. Of the three, José seems to be the most macho .
  • 8. The man who was next to him was macho ; beside him was a younger woman with her son.
  • 9. He had always been the tallest in his class, but now, macho and handsome, he was also a beloved person.
  • 10. Joel is recognized for being a macho at chess.