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Definition of Estrambótico

Estrambótico, a word we use when we refer to something strange, flashy and unusual. If you are one of those who have used this term without knowing the true origin of it, stay in so that you know the meaning and origin of Estrambótico.

The word Estrambótico has origin of the Italian strambotto, it derives from Strambo which means crazy, weird. This is a colloquial adjective, so it is used to express the quality of a person who usually acts or dresses differently.

Estrambótico Synonyms:

  • Extravagant
  • Strange
  • Striking
  • Exaggerated

A Estrambótico person is one who represents the opposite of the group of people in which she is surrounded.

It can also be defined as one that is characterized by attracting the attention of others, with an eccentric and exaggerated style.

For example:

  • Maria has a very estrambótico style of dress . – Maria has a very extravagant or striking style.

It should be noted that this adjective is not only used in people, but also in objects, for example, in works of art, vehicles and other objectives that fit the definition of the word.


  1. The word Strambo comes from the Latin Strabus which means cross-eyed or with the eyes across, so that it gives rise to the word strabismus or strabismus.