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A Güiro Pelao

Definition of A Güiro Pelao

The expression “A Güiro Pelao” is a phrase typical of Caribbean countries , in which the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Puerto Rico stand out.

It is used to refer to different situations, which have as a common denominator the nakedness of the object or individual.

This phrase is used mainly to highlight the fact of having sex without any type of protection , such as a condom.

In fact, on some occasions it is used as a “compliment” generally from the masculine gender to the feminine. For example: you are so beautiful that guiro pelao would be with you.

This expression also refers to a person who is naked or scantily clad , especially if the individual is in a public place or in an environment that is not consistent with their clothing.

For example, if a woman does not wear underwear underneath her clothing, one could say: she is a güiro pelao.

Origin of a güiro pelao

This expression is made up of three components , which are the preposition “a”, the noun “güiro” and the adjective “pelao”. Being the word “güiro” used to refer to a percussion musical instrument .

It is traditionally used in countries such as Cuba, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Panama, Puerto Rico, Colombia and Mexico. Furthermore, the term güiro is also used as part of urban slang to denote the male genitalia .

On the other hand, the adjective “pelao” has different meanings throughout the American continent, among these, it is used to refer to a child or a strange person.

In addition, it is also used to describe a person who does not have money or who is without any type of clothing or protection , the latter being the one that seeks to characterize the expression güiro pelao.