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Definition of Killa

dominican republic

It is used frequently, even in the media, as an act of getting upset or angry.


It is a Quechua word that designates the moon and is found forming part of other Quechua names, such as killasisa (Moon Flower) or Killari (Moonlight).


The word killa or keel is the apheresis of the word Barranquilla. It can be used in both ways and designates the Colombian coastal city that is the capital of the Atlantic. In addition to referring to the city, it is also used to refer to the citizens coming from there.

central america

It means to get angry or upset. It is also part of the urban vocabulary and is used in musical contexts.


  1. Pine tree
  2. Bolus
  3. Drift Center
  4. Helmet


Killa is a word with high polysemy in the Spanish language. It is necessary to clarify that the official or authorized term is keel.

The origin of Killa or keel is the French term quille, which has the same meaning, designating a wooden artifact that is part of the structure of ships. Thus, its use in Spanish dates back to the times when maritime transport began.


Zoology. Keel is the name given to the protruding parts of the body of some animals. Such is the case of the protruding sternum in some birds and some protruding and sharp surfaces of the body of fish.

Film work of the year 2014. Killa is the name given to a Netflix film, a Hindu work that deals with cultural differences in that country.