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La Maxima

Definition of La Maxima

There are peculiar expressions that quickly become popular within society, “The maxim” is one of them. Next, in we will show you what the meaning of La Máxima and its origin.

Meaning of La Maxima in Dominican Republic

This term of colloquial origin could refer to the phrase “Soy lo Maximo” but invested in the feminine gender, finally being “La Maxima “.

In the street context, the meaning of the maxim is translated as “I am the best of all” or “I am the most outstanding.”

The origin of this expression in the Dominican Republic, presumably comes from the Dominican singer RochyRD, who defines himself as “La Maxima”.

In the Dominican streets this term is used to designate someone powerful as for example “The highest” authority.

Another possible origin of ” La Maxima” is that it is an abbreviated way of saying “La Maxima Vaina” phrase that means “Being the most important person in a neighborhood.”

Next, we will present some examples of how the phrase “La Maxima” is used in the Dominican Republic.

  • The pressure feels when I arrive, the “Maxima” – People feel pressured when the best of all comes.
  • In my block it is clear that I am the “Maxima” – In my neighborhood everyone knows that I am the most dangerous of all.

Meaning of La Maxima in Colombia

In Colombia, La Maxima is a popular radio station in Cali. That is characterized by playing Salsa music.

You know what La Maxima meaning in spanish