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La Gallina Turuleca

Definition of La Gallina Turuleca

Turuleca or turuleco is an adjective to describe someone who is stupid or lacking in understanding. Also, it can be applied to someone who performs crazy and senseless actions. For example: I added salt to the juice and now I’m turuleos.


It is used interchangeably with the word turuleto and designates a person who is out of balance or who cannot remain stable. The above can be due to the use of alcohol, a blow or a strong emotional situation. For example: In the fight Lucas gave Pedro a right hand and made him go crazy.


It is said of a person who has some physical defect. Especially, that he shows extreme thinness or cannot walk properly. As in Colombia it is used as a synonym for turuleta or turuleto.


Turuleca is a Galician word turuleque or tiruleco that means crazy or disoriented. The use of these terms in Spanish is very old and assigned to madness, stupidity and drunkenness. In addition to this, it is used interchangeably with the term turuleto.

The word turuleca has been popularized by the multiple children’s versions of the song “La gallina turuleca”. Normally, in all the countries that it is used it is understood as a chicken that is crazy and misplaced. This term is used in many Spanish-speaking places and is applied mainly to people.


“La gallina turuleca” is a song with many versions in many countries. Songs of this type have been recorded since about 1926.

The popularity of the song helped to release a movie based on this popular children’s song called “La gallina turuleca” in 2020.

In 2019 the song “La gallina Turuleca” by the singers Crazy DesignViciny and Bulin 47 was premiered. It is an urban and adult version that starts from the children’s song, but has a totally different meaning.