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Definition of Ambulú

colombia (verb)

Express the climax of a joke or joke. In other words, end a funny comment.

colombia (noun)

Artisanal alcoholic drink very common in the Colombian Pacific.


In the Ondinga community of Congo, the ancient ceremony performed to the Nganga leader, who is a spiritual healer, was called Ambulú.


  1. Funny ending
  2. Humor
  3. Derision
  4. Biche
  5. Bichi


  1. Speak without grace
  2. Lack of sense of humor


The origin of Ambulú comes directly from the African continent. So, it is a remnant word of the language spoken by the Africans who arrived in Colombia in times of slavery.

The British and Spanish colonizers who reached the Colombian coasts substituted African labor for indigenous labor. For example, brought from countries such as Congo, Ivory Coast, Angola, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Senegal and Mali. From the above, it is stated that these men were sold or exchanged as if it were a commodity.

Among the cultures from the African people who settled in the Colombian Pacific, there are other terms and expressions such as cumbia and the delicious sancocho.


The ambulú drink is used for medicinal treatments. Some of them are, controlling stomach pains, parasites, vigor and fertility, and even against snake bites.

On the YouTube platform, user Kevin Voltro has made this word popular through a comedy series whose title is “Ambulú”.

In Colombia there is a town in the department of Tolima also baptized under the name Ambulú. This town is located at an altitude of 2,155 meters and has approximately 4,419 inhabitants.

Ambulú is a well-known tourist area of the East Java province in Indonesia.